ESCORIHUELA, Isidre and DE LA PARTE, Isabel (2004): Famílies, 20 maneres de viure (Families, 20 Ways of Living)

In this study, Isidre Escorihuela and Isabel de la Parte took a look at the complex nature of family units in Andorra in the 20th century and got to know the perception that families had of the 21st century.

In her study, Isabel de la Parte expresses the diverse reality around us, based on 20 different ways of family life, through the portraits that the photographer, Isidre Escorihuela, took from the words of the people portrayed.

Together with the portrait, there is a short family history in which people express their beliefs, strategies and feelings. They thereby set up a dialogue between the authors and the twenty families interviewed. Accompanying this, there are four articles written by anthropologists that show the universal nature of the family and its social and cultural meaning beyond biological bonds.

Isidre Escorihuela Magrinyà is a photographer and works as a technician at the National Archive of Andorra.

Isabel de la Parte Cano is an anthropologist and works in researching the area of homes, families and communities in rural mountain societies.

The publication of the book Famílies, 20 maneres de viure by the photographer Isidre Escorihuela and the anthropologist Isabel de la Parte had a great social impact, particularly in schools, from which they received many requests to be able to use this material in classes.

Therefore, and thanks to the aim of the Fundació Julià Reig to disseminate all the work in which it collaborates, the board decided to make a travelling exhibition of this photographic and anthropological work for all the parishes and in El Pas de la Casa, convinced of its great social interest. The exhibition could be visited between September 2005 and June 2006.

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