CEBRIÁN, JORGE and TORRUELLA, JOSEP (2007): Lluitant per la vida. Andorra i el pirineu durant la Segona Guerra Mundial (Fighting for life. Andorra and the Pyrenees during the Second World War)

The documentary Lluitant per la vida. Andorra i el Pirineu durant la Segona Guerra Mundial, produced by Jorge Cebrián and Roger Torruella, explains the role that Andorra played during the Second World War through some of its protagonists. The Fundació Julià Reig felt it would be interesting to show the importance of these events for the history of Andorra and for its citizens. The documentary, which was presented in June 2006, brings together everyday witnesses of how hard life was in the Valleys during this time and about the invasion routes in the country. Several Andorrans who collaborated with the resistance ended up in the hands of the Nazis and were deported to concentration camps. 13 Andorran people suffered this experience in the Buchenwald, Flossenbürg, Mauthausen, Linz and Dachau Camps. Their families provided the information to explain their activities, not known to many people to date, and handed over previously unpublished documents.

In view of the great expectation the presentation of the document had for the Andorran public, the foundation, together with Premsa Andorrana SA and Ràdio i Televisió d’Andorra SA, promoted the publication of the document in a CD that was inserted in the 25th November 2007 edition of the newspaper, Diari d’Andorra. On 22nd November, an exhibition based on this documentary will be opened in the temporary exhibition halls of the Museu del Tabac, with a display of documents and items belonging to those who were deported.