CASAL, Marc (2009): Andorra moderna (Modern Andorra)

Andorra moderna is a documentary produced by Marc Casal Liotier (Escaldes, 1980).

The Fundació Julià Reig and the Andorran Government made its publication possible thanks to a grant they awarded for its production. The presentation took place on 2nd April at the National Auditorium of Andorra.

The author unexpectedly found, in his parents’ home, a film shot in 1936 by one of his ancestors, Pierre Cazal, a cinema lover. Those 16-mm, silent reels turned out to be a film about everyday life in the Valleys of Andorra at the end of the 1930s.

This was the starting point of the documentary by Marc Casal, which tells about the economic and social evolution of Andorra in the 20th century, through current images next to the document filmed in 1936. He refers to the same shots that his predecessor took and also emulates some camera movements.

Casal’s contribution is specified in the inclusion of archive images, testimonies of different protagonists and above all in the descendants of the characters included in Pierre Cazal’s film.

In Andorra moderna, Marc Casal tries to identify the determining factors of the evolution of Andorra in a subjective way, and how Andorran society experienced this transformation.

In 2000, the Casal family ceded the 1936 film by Pierre Cazal to the National Archive of Andorra.