BRICALL, Josep Maria et al. (2000): L’economia andorrana en el canvi de segle (The Andorran Economy at the Change of the Century)

2000 was the 25th anniversary of the publication of the study Estructura i perspectives de l’economia andorrana (Structure and Perspectives of the Andorran Economy) (Edicions 62, 1975), a task that was commissioned by the then syndic Julià Reig Ribó to the Centre d’estudis i planificació in Barcelona, and it was the first rigorous study on the economy of the Principality. The Fundació Julià Reig commemorated this event by taking up the study again, and commissioned Doctor Josep Maria Bricall, the coordinator of the previous study, to carry out the new one, which required a deeper analysis of the significant transformations that had taken place in the Andorran economy and society in the last twenty-five years. The volume was published in April 2001.

Bricall and his team focus on evaluating the scope of the consequences of these transformations, based on the generally accepted hypothesis that when the study Estructura i perspectives de l’economia andorrana was carried out, in the early 1970s, it was the initial phase of the transformation of a certain economic model which, a quarter of a century later, shows unmistakable signs of being in an advanced state of maturity and with clear needs for renewal. The work on the Andorran economy tries to value the growth model of the Andorran economy, placing special emphasis on the role of foreign relations, a growth model based on external demand and which therefore configures a reduced nucleus of productive activities as indicators of growth. It also includes an analysis of the organisational and institutional aspects that condition the development of the socio-economic activity and that have effects on growth possibilities. Isidre Bartumeu Martínez, a Public Notary and former secretary of the Constitutional Tribune, participates in the writing up of this chapter.

Attached documents:

  1. Summary, JL Sureda: Prologue and JM Bricall: Introduction