Reig Fundació

Reig Fundació was created in 1999 as a private non-profit institution, with the purpose of contributing towards the development of Andorra as a modern country that is open to the world and, at the same time, respectful to its historic values.

The initial fund paid into Reig Fundació was three million euros. Its business headquarters are at Plaça de la Germandat 9 in Sant Julià de Lòria.


The representation of Reig Fundació lies with a Board of Trustees who have the authority to control, manage, possess, administer and dispose of the entity and which may, for this purpose, do everything that is necessary or convenient to comply with the founding purposes.

This Board of Trustees is made up of the following people:

Déborah Ribas Duró

Roser Duró Ribó
Marta Ribas Reig
Roser Ribas Duró
Oriol Ribas Duró
Òscar Ribas Duró
Jaume Vitales Serrano
Xavier Creus Fortuny


Maria Martí Cañellas, director, mmc.rp@reig.ad
Ester Segura Lanao, director of cooperation projects, esl.rp@reig.ad

Purpose and values

The purpose of Reig Fundació is to take on an active role as a cooperating institution in actions that contribute towards the development of Andorra as a modern country that is open to the world and, at the same time, respectful to its historic values.

In this respect, Reig Fundació promotes and manages initiatives and projects of an economic, social, cultural and scientific nature that represent a lasting contribution to the balanced and sustainable progress of Andorra and its external image.

The foundation, conceived as such, has the following principle and basic values:

  • The spirit of service, a catalyst of efforts and initiatives that favour the progress of Andorra in general
  • The spirit of entrepreneurship, which fills its activities with a proactive, imaginative, bold character
  • The spirit of quality, as a fundamental feature for each of its interventions

In view of the essentially promoting character of the foundation in this kind of initiative and project, the following consideration is part of the founding desire: initiatives that are the object of the intervention of the foundation must have a spirit of continuity and a clear vocation of permanence, but it must try to limit its control and management task in specific projects over time.


The object of Reig Fundació is, in general terms, the following:

  • To promote, bring together, coordinate and cooperate in long-term initiatives and projects, by providing support, management and the necessary resources for their development.
  • To identify shortcomings and to propose actions, look for resources and manage projects to attenuate them.
  • To boost the catalyst role of the foundation in the heart of Andorran society and to convert it into a reference institution and a point of exchange for promoting its purposes.
  • To collaborate with other institutions and initiatives with similar purposes, as a driving force, manager or organiser.
  • To promote the values of the foundation and its purposes among the collaborators of the Reig Group companies, at home and abroad.


The initial fund of Reig Fundació was 3,005,060.52 €. Since its constitution, the foundation has had a yearly budget: