World values survey

The world values survey is an international project of social research which derives from the year 1981 in different countries to study people’s values, how to change and its social and political impact. The world values survey is an initiative of Dr. Donald Inglehart, Professor of Economics at the American University of Michigan.

For its realization in Andorra was the CRES, which depends on the IEA. The Fundació Julia Reig has collaborated in the funding

The 2018 has been the 7th edition, 2nd in Andorra (the previous one was held in 2006).

The results allow:

  • test the hypothesis that economic and technological changes transformed the fundamental values of society
  • compare the evolution of the social values of Andorra with the investigation of 2006
  • compare the evolution of social values of Andorra with the rest of the country in the world

To carry out the work have been surveyed 1,000 people in each country, with a questionnaire and personal interviews. The survey includes questions on family, gender, economics, corruption, environment, religion, migration, political participation, …