Julià Reig Foundation publishes the study by Magda Mata, Children and young in danger in Andorra. Results, problems and new perspectives, first Edition 2013, second Edition 2016.

Under the slogan Cuidar un hort és fer salut (Looking after a vegetable garden is healthy), the Social Vegetable Garden project started up in 2001 and responds to the aim of the Fundació Julià Reig to promote an innovative service

The Fundació Julià Reig/ESADE Scholarship is aimed at young people with talent but without resources, who are Andorran nationals or residents, so that they can access a top level education in the area of law and business. The Fundació Julià

The Fundació Julià Reig’s new proposal for the future lies in the area of social entrepreneurism. By social entrepreneurism, we mean a different way of contributing by people who have concerns regarding the new social challenges and who propose innovative

OBSA is a study entity which looks in-depth at the knowledge of subjects related to the sustainable development of Andorra in its environmental, social, economic and institutional areas.

Muntanyencs per l’Himàlaia is a non-profit private foundation without religious or political connotations, made up of mountaineers offering their support to the children in the mountains of Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet, India and Bhutan. FMH believes that basic education is the

The Tobacco Museum offers the most human side of tobacco production, surprisingly deep-rooted in the life of Andorra, to discover its social and cultural meaning, beyond the material and economic aspects.

Música per Viure aims to promote personal development and the social inclusion and cohesion of children and young people with few resources in Central America and in the Caribbean, through learning and practising music.