Toni Gibert is the author of the study Approach to the cultural policy of Andorra that tries to deepen on the state of the culture in Andorra (2020). The study has had the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture of

Joan Manel Abril, member of the Constitutional Court of Andorra, coordinates the fundamentals of Andorran private Law collection. The second volume dedicated to the legal entity in Andorran law is already on sale, with the authors of Isidre Bartumeu, Eulàlia

The study seeks to know more about the current situation of women in Andorra in order to identify social issues and their dimension, what are the available resources for their attention and reflect on the possible measures to be undertaken

Essay elaborated by the magistrate Joan Manel Abril, on the evolution of the legal situation of women in Andorra, structured in three stages: 18th, 19th and 20th century, before and after the Constitution was approved, in 1993, and the statement in

The world values survey is an international project of social research which derives from the year 1981 in different countries to study people’s values, how to change and its social and political impact. The world values survey is an initiative

Study about the inclusion, it mains that people with disabilities carried the same functions and social activities that people who do not have a disability Study

Fundació Julià Reig collaborates with the of Comú de la Massana with the project Volunteers for nature, a project that aims to promote the training and development of young people in Andorra performing tasks related to environmental issues, livestock and

Under the slogan Cuidar un hort és fer salut (Looking after a vegetable garden is healthy), the Social Vegetable Garden project started up in 2001 and responds to the aim of the Fundació Julià Reig to promote an innovative service