The Foundation

The Julià Reig Foundation was created in 1999 as a private, non-profit institution, with the aim of contributing to the development of Andorra as a modern country, open to the world and, at the same time, respectful of its historical values.

The founder

The recent history of the Principality of Andorra has been marked by the depth of the institutional, social and economical transformations that have substantially modified the rules of coexistence of the Andorran community




Within the scope of international cooperation, the Julià Reig Foundation works on two projects, in Nepal and in Nicaragua, in order to contribute to their development, based on the education of their youth because we believe that education is the best way to contribute to their progress.


With the help to publishing, the Julià Reig Foundation wants to contribute to the deepening of various disciplines in order to expand the knowledge about Andorra in matters such as history, law and economics.



The social sphere is one of the main lines of action of the Julià Reig Foundation. There are several topics we have dealt with, always with the aim of improving our society and taking into account the most vulnerable groups.



Preserving the natural wealth of Andorra is another of the objectives set by the Julià Reig Foundation. This is why we work on projects that help research related to the social, economic and environmental sustainability of Andorra and our planet.



Facilitating the accessibility to culture is one of the biggest challenges that the Julià Reig Foundation has proposed, above all to find the effective methods that ease the approach and the cultural revitalization in different contexts and casuistry.